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Amanda Hager Robledo is a bright star in the Palm Beach County Real Estate Buying and Selling Market.  Amanda has expertly helped clients buy and sell residential, commercial and investment properties throughout Palm Beach County.  She and four generations of her family were born at the corner of Flagler and Palm Beach Lakes,  making her one of the few illustrious true natives of Palm Beach County.  


Amanda began her commitment to the Palm Beach County Real Estate market in 1998.  She has a passion for thoroughly understanding her clients, in order to make the buying and selling process effortless and stress-free.  Amanda has seen the Palm Beach County Market grow and has had a hand in helping shape the market real-estate.  She has worked as a closing manager and sales officer manager for Kolter and has helped open key buildings in Palm Beach County such as One and Two City Plaza. 


In her years as an agent Amanda, developed a strong network of satisfied clients, a keen understanding of the market and hard-hitting negotiation skills.  Since 2012 Amanda has owned and operated her own successful brokerage firm specializing in residential buying and selling in Palm Beach County.  Amanda’s friendly yet no-nonsense demeanor make her a force to be reckoned with. When Amanda is not fulfilling her clients’ needs, she devotes her free time to her family, friends, and volunteering. 

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